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I will commemorate by planting a tree.  There will be two trees.  One is a Madrone.  Arbutis menziesii.  That is for my birthday.  Madrone is native to the Pacific Northwest.  They are said to be difficult to transplant and settle in.  One reference said, 9 out of 10 die.  I will do my best to nurture it.  (Pic from

File:Sourwood leaves and flowers.jpg

The second is Oxydendrum arboreum.  This one is my 6-months-after-day-zero tree.  Sourwood tree.  Brilliant fall color, flaming red.  Nectar from early summer flowers make a famous special varietal honey, one of several honeys that apiarists claim as the best of all.  Sourwood may be difficult to establish too.     (pic form

It might take a while to get them into the ground.  I fatigue so easily.  I will ask for Ning to help.