The ambulance ride was non-eventful.  Doped up on morphine and dilaudid, pain was tolerable as long as I did not move.  It was no longer the searing, down onto my knees pain of the initial presentation.  The abdomen was very tender to touch.

At the health plan hospital, the gastro-enterologist performed an endoscopy to look into the stomach.  That test did not reveal erosion of the tumor into the stomach lining.  However, the test was not diagnostic.  A surgery would be expected, but without a tissue diagnosis, it was not clear if surgery first, or chemotherapy then surgery, would be the best approach.  A tissue diagnosis, is analysis of tumor tissue to determine the type of cancer.  That would require a more complete endoscopy, with me under sedation.  The cancer was most likely GIST, but could be a different type of tumor, involving different treatment and different prognosis.

The hospitalist – an internist who works only in hospitals – was nice, but didn’t have much to contribute.  Seems like a nice job.

On return to the hospital room, the gastro-enterologist state, I could remain in the hospital another night, and have the endoscopy under sedation the next day, or I could go home.  The staff would call the next day to schedule the procedure, to be done within a week

The hospital staff was respectful and considerate, and treated my partner as the most important member of my family, which he is.  For that I was very grateful.

I opted to go home.  The next day, I was called by the scheduler, who told me I would be set up with a “telephone appointment” to discuss the procedure.  The telephone appointment would be scheduled in about 4 weeks.